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1. Investment MLM Software

2. Web Designing

3. Domain Registration

4. Web Hosting

4. SMS Integrate

6. Ewallet Account

7. E-mail Integration

Investment Software Features

Online Registration system

Online Member Login Area


Member Account Facility :


Member Profile

Member Edit Profile

Member View Profile

Member downline Tree View
Member downline Left Right Status
Member Direct Downline Report
Member Total Downline Report ( Left)
Member Total Downline Report ( Right)

Used E-pin /Un-used E-pin
Purchase E-pin / Transfer E-pin
E-Pin Purchase
E-pin Transfer
E-pin Received

Member Income
Binary Income / Level list

Investment Income System
Other Income option

Transfer and Withdraw Balance
Withdrawn List / Balance Transfer Details



Online Registration

Online Admin Login Area


Admin Account Facility :

Registration and Info
New Member Registration
All Member Invoice Search
Edit Member Profile
Members password list
Member Direct Referral View
Member SMS Re-send
Date and Month Wise Member List
Bank Details List

Generate and Manage E-PINs
Generate/Issue E-PIN
Fresh E-PIN list
Used E-PIN list
Search E-PIN list

Pay & View Earning / Withdraw Account Balance
Reward Holder
Pay Commission system and Earnings list
View Binary / Level Income list

View Investment Income List
Member A/C Balance list
Withdraw A/C Balance list
View Withdrawn
Pay Rewards list
TDS List

Report and Message
Company Treeview
Company Geneology View
All Member Report
Member Messages system

Member Requests
Bank Transfer Request system
Change Setting of Software Structure
Website Maintenance  internal


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